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Isearch Bulk Emailing Services

Why Email Marketing in Uganda:

An email marketing campaign is a great way to directly reach your customers, and elegantly written content can do more than keep potential customers informed about what your organization is up to—it can lead to valuable conversions. To ensure that you’re grabbing your customers’ attention and reaching as many people as possible, you need expert advice in setting up your email marketing campaign. At Isearch, we’re committed to helping you maximize the potential of your campaign, and by inviting us into your confidence we can help you by:
1  Tailoring your email marketing campaign to your specific industry context and scale of operations.
2 Making sure that your messages are functional and beautiful across email clients and platforms, including mobile and tablets.
3  Coaching you on campaign design and maintenance, including hands-on training with popular email marketing application IsearchMail.
4  Helping you build your contact list to reach the maximum number of potential customers.
5  Offering one lead-nurturing campaign for your marketing site and one for your blog.
6  Providing a post-purchase email campaign to help with up-sells and increase repeat purchases.
We have a database of all Ugandan Emails in different target categories

Monthly Total 

Package Monthly Volume Monthly Cost
Plan A 5000 $50
Plan B 20000 $100
Plan C 40000 $200
Plan D 100000 $500
Point E 250000 $1000


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